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I want to express my anger with paying the $150 + price that I paid for this program. I listened to Dave Farrow on a morning show while I was on my way to work - Star 102.5 in Buffalo, NY. I was impressed and thought that I would try this out. After I paid the hefty price, I found out that the same program has been advertised on other morning shows for between $19.99 - $49.99. Why is there such a big difference in price from one radio/tak show to another?

I wanted to answer your complaint myself. I understand how you feel and I want you to know we do not have different prices for different programs but what you are seeeing is the difference between our basic program and our advanced package. the basic program sold via infomercial is the first step to learning these techniques. Like any skill it takes practice to master the skills.

I want to make you happy here so let me tell you some options.

The Cheaper program you saw available was the basic 4 CD introductory program. You received the premium package consisting of 12 CDs. This includes an entire section on Brain Fitness by myself and a top expert today on anti-aging about brain chemistry and hormones affecting your brain. In addition there are 2 CDs from me and Brian Tracy, one of the top speakers in the world today on business and being competitive in today's job market. There is also a section from me on Focus for Kids and adults with ADHD/ADD and other focus issues. This topic came up a lot during the show and was included in the program. I also added a final section on how to apply these techniques to a job, called "Memory Makes Money". People have given good feedback on this section as it relates to winning at interviews and using memory techniques on the job. In today's economy we wanted to include this for everyone because it was so popular. This is all in addition to the memory basic program.

I know on the surface looking at the two prices is a big difference but there is a big difference between the programs. The extra content in the 12 CD set also makes it necessary for me to pay a royalty to the expert(s) who contributed to the content. Also, commercials today need to have a uniue offer, not available in stores, so by law I cannot offer the exact same package when I appear on a radio show as when we run a commercial. Finally, this premium package has been sold for nearly double this cost in the past, so it is still a great deal. I am sorry that you were so shocked at the price, though. I assure you I am only trying to reach a wider audience but I do not want to take advantage of anyone. I don't think money is worth losing a reputation over. I wanted to offer the top package available at the time on that show. On an interesting note, people who buy the basic on average end up buying more packages and spend more than $100 on the other programs available through the TV commercial.

Now since the show, I have completed a DVD version of the program that has more science content, motivational content, and practice. I am going to send you a copy of the 6 DVD program at no cost just to get your opinion. Having a TV commercial with a basic program has been a challenge for just the reason you were upset. Please email me back and help me differentiate the difference between the basic program and other premium products.




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